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Curb Chidhood Obesity with Teen Weight Loss Camps

Did you get your cardio in today? How about strength training? What was your most active thing you performed today? If you are into exercise, then fantastic, but the obesity and overweight numbers in our country and rising enrollments in weight loss camps for teens would indicate that most of us do not exercise often enough. Our dependence on modern conveniences has created a sedentary lifestyle that has led to more health problems than ever before.

Children learn more from what Mom and Dad “do” rather than what they “say.” If they see you exercising every day, then they will be more likely to exercise regularly themselves. Even if you have a hard time picturing your 7-year-old “working out,” you also cannot expect 15 minutes of playing outside with friends to be enough exercise for them.

Especially when your children get older, active play diminishes. Girls tend to switch to more sedentary activities even sooner. Unless you have a little athlete or rough and tumble kiddo, your child probably doesn’t get enough regular exercise just through playing. Kids that play sports get a bit more exercise at practices and games, but often that is not enough either.

Sports are great and playing outside is great; but if you want to foster daily fitness that your child will take with them long into their adult years, then you need to make it as much of a habit as brushing their teeth. This might be difficult if you don’t already exercise, but now might be a good time to get the whole family in shape. You might consider fitness camps this summer or over the next break to help, but you can get started right now!

At home, you can begin helping your child exercise by finding exercise activities that they enjoy, yet offer a routine type activity. One idea is a game of tag at your local park with all the neighborhood kids, played at a regular time, but continue to push towards more routine activities such as running. You could do this by sneaking in the running. Perhaps, “IT” needs to run a lap around the field before chasing the other players. You may also consider purchasing some home gym equipment and getting your kids involved with that after you teach them how to properly use it. Make sure you keep safety in mind. For younger kids, a trampoline that has walls around is a great purchase or even a jump rope for a less expensive route.

In the end, your child needs to learn that exercise can be fun. Sooner or later, they’ll be able to incorporate it into their lives on a daily basis. A weight loss camp for kids can help also. Your child will probably have loads of fun too!

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Study to Loose Weight Easily

The subject of weight loss in recent times has suddenly become the buzz word with everyone . This is all for the reason of the fact that people are now apprehend the ill effects that come with this malady of weight gain. A well toned body has all the elements in it to boost one’s confidence and self esteem thereby rising the individual’s strong living quotient . The perception level amongst people is now on the climb and everyone seems to be judgment ways to either stop themselves from being fat or finding ways to help them get rid of the extra weight that they have managed on put on over years. This has made everyone looking for information on weight loss tips. There are several tips to weight loss available on the internet.

People can go through them and then select the ones which they are able to replicate in their lives and attach onto it with the aim of take about the kind of weight loss that you desire. It is also a common known idea that most of all the tips for weight loss will supporter around two basic details that includes incorporating the custom of eating healthy food and by starting some form of physical activity as a practice in your lifestyle.

When you have lastly decided to mend you unhealthy ways and move towards fitter and better you then you much start you endeavor by choosing the right weight loss plan for yourself. Since every person has their own body category therefore they have their own metabolism. One has to be able to gauge their metabolic rate in arrange to find out the right weight loss plan for them. The internet too has in it several weight loss plans from which you can choose from depending upon your choice . You should opt for a weight loss plan which you can incorporate easily in your life and follow it easily so as to get the desired results from it.

Apart from weight loss plans there is also the choice of using weight loss supplements . There are present several weight loss complement in the market. With a massive range of products being made available your nearest shopping mall , the internet is also swamped with numerous websites promoting these weight loss supplements. These weight loss supplements showcases in the market promising you benefits which seem to topple one another! While decide a weight loss supplement you should be aware that it is best to go for one which has been clinically checked and has proven records of success .

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Staying on Track with Your Fitness Program. Interesting Facts to Take Into Consideration

Staying on track is one of the biggest challenges I have come to find while working with my personal training clients over the past 10 years. I have worked with everyone from busy executives, to house wives, to your every day 9-5 job clients.

There are a several techniques that I have had success with as far as keeping clients on track with their diet and exercise training and thought I would share a few today.

First and foremost, logging your food intake. It is proven that when you are writing down what you eat and you know that someone will be looking I over, you are more likely to make smarter food choices.

Second, communication. Emails are key in regular communication with my clients. Not only does it show that you are thinking about your client but it shows that you are on top of them. A simple email asking if they did their workout today or how their diet is going can go a long way. If a trainer trains a client once a week and never touches base with them until the next week, they will likely sway.

Third, reminders. This is a key in wellness coaching as well as personal fitness coaching and lifestyle change. If you are in a fitness/wellness program and need to keep yourself on track, have a reminder of where you are and a reminder of where you want to be. I worked with a stay at home mom that wanted to get ready for beach season and wanted to wear a two piece bathing suit like she used to. How did I help her find a way to remind herself of where she wants go to? Simple, by putting up pictures. One went right on her refrigerator. This way each time she went to the fridge, she was instantly reminded of how she used to look, how she looks now and how she wants to look. An easy, but strong motivational tool.

Planning ahead is number four. It’s easy to know that smaller, more frequent balanced meals are key to fat loss and a healthier BMI. Balances within meals, ensuring plenty of color and variety, etc. are necessary, but how often do people actually cook and prepare ahead? It is important to have a list of what you need to get when going shipping. When you come home you should prepare each meal within a few days of eating it and just refrigerate it.

This way you don’t just “grab something.” If you have meals planned for Tuesday, on Sunday night, you know the calories, protein, fat and carbs in that meal. There is no guessing. Hand and hand with this type of meal planning would be using a calendar. Set your goals and target dates! Say by this day in this month, I want to be down 5 IBS of fat!

Fifth, do not grocery shop when hungry. I can’t tell you how many times clients in the past have shopped hungry and ended up buying something to snack on as they shopped or bought things that they regretted having in the house later!

Sixth, having regular fitness assessments. By regular I mean once a month. Any sooner the body comp changes may not be noticeable; any later the motivation behind assessment may start to dwindle.

Seventh, delegate or ask for help! Any idea how often clients have told me “I knew I should not have eaten that but I did” or “I know I should have worked out but I didn’t”. We need to delegate or ask for assistance from our friends and loved ones. If you know your weakness is with shopping, have your wife or someone else do it that you know will bring home the healthier foods or help keep you on track.

Also it is also helpful if your client joins some sort of like minded group. If they are just starting out they need motivation. It is easy when starting out to quit. If they become friendly with coworkers that like to walk every day at lunch, that’s great! They are like minded. That will help keep them on track.

Eighth, allow yourself certain times to let loose or cheat. This helps go a long way when it comes to motivation and staying power! Nobody changes their lifestyle easily and 100% right off the bat or overnight. It is much more practical to allow yourself to establish one goal at a time.

For instance someone that only eats once a day to take a few weeks and implement the frequent meals throughout the day concept. Once that concept is established, then move into the next one. Whether that be keeping hydrated, eating plenty of fiber, whatever it is, to be realistic about your goal setting. Setting too many goals too early on will end up frustrating the individual and they will likely quit.

If you did great for a week with diet and exercise, allow yourself to a sensible treat. The trick is to make sure it’s sensible, not over doing.

My last though, celebrate. Recognize when you are doing well with your program. Feel good about the progress. Remember, staying with your program alone is progress! Don’t worry early on about the scale or numbers.

Remember that lifestyle change, to be sustained is gradual.

About the Author
Phil Nicolaou is a NESTA certified personal trainer and eFitness for Life Coach! As a fitness professional, Phil routinely writes for eFitness for Life, as well as, Health and Wealth for Life. Phil is available for online fitness and nutrition coaching to anyone, anywhere in the world. Contact him at

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