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Five Straightforward Lifestyle Changes That Can Remove an Infertility Cause

While there are sometimes underlying medical problems that may lead to infertility and need intervention, not every infertility cause is outside your control. There are five major areas within each person’s approach to life that can be managed to get rid of a potential infertility cause. If you have been making an attempt to conceive unsuccessfully, consider addressing these factors before investing in medical intervention, especially if a few hits a chord as a potential infertility cause — it could be all that is required to get you on your way to having a baby.

1. Drugs and Alcohol – Consuming a large quantity of alcohol can result in menstrual irregularities and ovulation aberrations in females and be an infertility cause. Continuing to drink while carrying a child increase the danger of miscarriage and negatively affect the development of the fetus. Recreational drugs like marijuana, heroin, ecstasy and cocaine all can meddle with reproductive cycles and ovulation in females, as can some prescribed medicines. Men who drink heavily may have lower sperm count, poor sperm mobility, unusual sperm shape and even impotence, any of which can sometimes be an infertility cause. Men who take anabolic steroids may find that sperm production stops altogether. Recreational drugs as well as some prescribed medications can cause low sperm density, decrease sperm mobility and unnatural sperm shape. Any medicines taken by either partner in a pair attempting to conceive should be disclosed to a doctor to ascertain whether a medicine could be an infertility cause, and if this is the case, what alternative cures could be available.

2. Smoking – Women who smoke have an increased chance of miscarriage and their eggs have more genetic abnormalities. Guys that smoke have low sperm density and poor quality sperm. There isn’t any doubt that smoking can be an infertility cause, and quitting the habit is critical for your health also.

3. Exercise and diet – If you’re a woman, what you eat everyday may affect your hormonal balance, monthly cycle and ovulation. Try to have a well-balanced nutritive diet to keep your body healthy to better prepare yourself for pregnancy and avoid any nutritive deficiency that might be an infertility cause. Also, keep exercise moderately as frequent intense exercise may result in females to experience irregular or no menstrual cycle. Finally, additional weight gain or weight control can result in irregular monthly cycle in women. Particularly, obesity is firmly associated with many cases of PCOS, a leading infertility cause, and occasionally getting to a good weight is all that’s required to return to reproductive health. For men, a good diet with key nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, calcium and vitamin D helps ensure you are producing healthy sperm. If you are a male with hypertension, this is also an infertility cause. Frequently obesity is behind problems like high blood pressure and cardiac health, and because all your body’s systems are under pressure when you are obese, it is reasonable to think about that it can be an infertility cause also.

4. Environment – Exposure to noxious substances, radiation and presumably stress can have negative effect on the fertility of women. Regarding men, while these aren’t proved to have an impact on fertility it is speculated that high temperatures in the scrotal area is an infertility cause. It can not hurt to keep away from hot tubs or steam rooms and closely fitting pants or underclothes while trying to conceive.

5. Sexual Practice – If you and your partner enjoy lubricants as part of your sex life, ensure the product you use isn’t harmful to sperm, as the spermicidal affect of many popular lubricants are an infertility cause. It is also theorized that if a woman’s uterine muscle contractions are weak, sperm could have difficulty being pushed up through the cervix after intercourse, in which particular case having sex with a pillow underneath your hips might increase the likelihood of fertilization. Further, if you are having sex daily round the time of suspected ovulation, you may be reducing the amount of sperm you’re able to provide during each act of intercourse, a possible infertility cause that is straightforward to fix. Try every other day instead.

Once these lifestyle factors have been addressed, if you’re still fighting with conceiving it might be time to look farther into a probable medical infertility cause in one or both partners.

Anna Short has developed expertise on infertility thru a mixture of personal experience and thorough research. Anna Short has developed experience on infertility thru a mix of personal experience and inclusive research. For more of her articles on infertility causes, visit her website at Check out her free email course while you are there.

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Weight Loss Guidance on the Surprising Impact of What You Consume

Weight reduction advice from experts usually starts off with a simple concept: burn more calories than you consume so you lose weight. But, as many of us know, losing weight isn’t that simple. Many of us fail one weight loss program after another, even though we have followed them in earnest. The golden nugget here is that there is a critical factor under your control that may be derailing your diet – the possible side effects of the food or medicine you consume. These side effects can, without you noticing it, negate the positive benefits of a weight loss program .

The Impact of Medicine Side Effects

The FDA recently approved a new drug, the first in nearly 10 years for use in weight-loss. It combines the properties found in a drug used for opiate addiction with another used as an antidepressant. It is supposed to reduce food cravings and increase metabolism ( how rapidly you burn calories). Its possible side effects, however, include insomnia, fainting, and a heightened risk for hypertension. In controlled studies, patients taking the medication lost roughly 5% more weight than patients who didn’t take the drug. This was barely enough to cross the FDA threshold for approval. The side effects from the drug cannot be ignored and should be weighed against the benefits of taking the drug. Most of us would ordinarily simply take the medicine and neglect to read the side effect literature for the medicine – bad idea!

The Impact of Food Allergies

When we turn to diet we are usually told we can eat nuts, which are a highly regarded source of protein and also a good source of essential oils. But eating some “diet” foods, for instance nuts and vegetables could well have a side effect, which negates weight loss: food allergies. Many of us are aware of severe allergies to food for instance those experienced by people who find themselves allergic to peanuts. There are countless food allergies, however, which we are blissfully unacquainted with because they don’t cause a severe allergic response. Unfortunately these milder allergic reactions could easily cause problems.

We respond to food allergies very much like we do from the common allergic reactions to airborne dust, pollen, and also other irritants – a well-known fact of life for countless “allergy” affected individuals around the world. Airborne allergen particles irritate the mucosal lining in our nasal and sinus passages causing stuffiness, sneezing, and runny noses. With food allergies, however, this happens in the intestines.

The lining on the walls of the intestinal tract is completely covered by villi which, through a microscope, look like little fingers. These villi increase surface area which aids in absorption of food. The villi are covered by a mucusal layer which protects these vulnerable fingers from harsh stomach acids necessary for food breakdown into nutrients. But this mucosal layer can swell in response to any mild allergic reaction thereby retarding the absorption of important nourishment. So, the food allergy causes your meal or snack not to be absorbed the way it should. That might seem to be a good thing, but is unfortunately detrimental to a weight loss program. Most of these programs count on maintaining a consistent metabolism level throughout the day by forcing the dieter to have meals or snacks at regular intervals. If those meals or snacks cause an allergic response inside the intestine, food isn’t absorbed, blood sugar levels drop, and metabolism levels are disrupted reducing the effectiveness of the program.

Fortunately, it is possible to test more than 200 foods by having a simple blood test. The test provides you with a list of foods that you are allergic to which can hamper weight loss and also cause symptoms such as headache, stiffness in joints, flatulence, abdominal pain, and numerous other physical manifestations because of this allergic reaction.

So, a bit of weight loss advice for when you launch into your next diet: Consider taking the blood test to find any food allergies you have. As always, read the fine print on drugs you may be taking. Your next weight loss program might then be definitely worth the effort you invest in it.

Dr. Smith has practiced for 30 years. He received his B.S. from the University of Illinois and his medical degree from the National University of Health Sciences. He holds postgraduate degrees in sports medicine, peer review, and manipulation under anesthesia. He has received numerous state and local awards and recognition, is a sought-after speaker and lecturer, and authored the book, “Choosing to Live a Stress Free Life”. If you need help with this topic, visit either of his websites for help on Food Allergies Weight Loss or Food Allergies Weight Loss.

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The Correct Way To Use Acai Berry Supplements For Weight Loss

There’s been a lot of hype about the acai berry diet that it has become quite complex for the ordinary person like you and me to sift through all the untruths and mind boggling statements that we encounter. It will take extra effort so we can uncover the plain truth about the weight loss features of this remarkable little Brazilian palm berry.

So, does the acai berry really produce verified results on weight loss? Or is it just another online scam trying to cash out on you?

If you explore further into what we mostly regard as media hype, there is, most often, a grain of truth in what is being promoted. The problem begins when someone starts to post an incredibly outlandish testimonial about shedding off 10 pounds in 3 days, such as the case of acai berry and other weight reduction supplements. What’s worse is that they make you believe that the extra weight simply melts away with not much effort on their part.

Forthose who have been struggling to lose weight most of their lives, it is an established fact that there is no magical solution to effective and permanent weight loss. How we all yearn there was! We’d all simply pop a pill and our weight problems would miraculously disappear.

For weight loss attempts to bring results, we all have to embark on a holistic approach to dieting. Acai berry users declare that the acai berry supplement brings about satisfying results. It does aid weight loss by curbing your appetite. And it does speed up your metabolism, thereby aiding in the expending of calories. However, one cannot simply depend on acai berry to dispense the results solely. A holistic diet program will still call for you to select the right food choices and include a regular fitness routine. Do not anticipate you can pig out on loads of ice cream and other desserts and sweets daily, and then rely on your acai berry supplement to dissolve the fat away miraculously in a week or less.

You will need to dedicate seriously to losing weight, even when relying on a diet aid like acai berry supplements. You need to be geared up to put some serious efforts into your weight loss strategy. Incorporate this with the use of acai berry supplements, and you will see long-lasting results. Find out more about acai and find out precisely how it could enhance your weight loss efforts.

And just a little cautionary note: Not all marketed acai berry supplements are concentrated and pure. Some of these alleged supplements are below par so that the distributors can raise their profit margins. Assess the ingredients and formulation of your acai berry supplement so you get the best value for your investment. Consider acai berry reviews to get yourself a dependable acai berry supplement which can help you slim down more successfully.

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