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The Outstanding Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise Bike – An Experience Like Nothing Else

A non motorized dual action wind resistance upright fitness bike, the Schwinn Airdyne Evolution comp bike helps target the upper and the lower body. Many stationary bicycles on the market today are motorized, but don’t confuse this non-motorized model with outdated stationary bikes of the past. The brakes offer the user the ability to adjust speed or power without the product looking out-dated. Schwinn Fitness’ exclusive air resistance technology is founded on the idea of exponential resistance, which means the harder the user works, the harder the workout resistance will be. It also supplies the option of a full body workout with the moveable arm handles.

The dimensions of the machine measures 48″(Height) x 22″ (Width) x 50″ (Length), with a weight of 104 Lbs. It’s frictionless braking mechanism will never wear out. The Airdyn Evolution Comp competes with other models but requires much less maintenance. The steel frame and sealed cartridge bearings keep the ride quiet while ensuring durability.

There are some bonus features like the space where water bottles can be kept and the tiny wheel fan that helps a person remain cool while using it. The console does have a simple LCD display which reports, time, distance, RPM, workload, calories, and calories per hour information. It can also display heart rate information when used with a heart rate transmitter chest strap. Batteries are essential for operation. The anatomically correct seats are extra padded to provide more comfort. This model sports a maximum weight limit of up to 300 lbs for its users. Among the longest warranties going, you get 30 years of frame coverage and 3 years for parts and electronics.

Schwinn Airdyne Comp is designed in such a way that it is simple to use. It’s easy to use – no overly complicated technologies. The bike also allows the user the flexibility of choosing between a full body workout, a lower body workout, or an upper body workout. Due to its low middle bar design the model is very easy to mount. This bike offers a great workout on a safe and stable frame that will last for years and years. These features make the Airdyne Evolution Comp it an ideal choice for those looking for general fitness fitness equipment as well as for those needing rehabilitation and physical therapy exercise and training.

There are a number of other Airdyne models available that you might like to look at. The AD2 and the AD4 provide a few significant differences compared to the Evo Comp. Both are somewhat lighter compared to the Evo, however they have got a console that isn’t quite as well situated for easy looking at. The Evo also offers the best warranty hands down. You can click here for more info, or alternatively check out the full Airdyne range here.

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